03 May 2008

My sweet Mommy

For those of you who've been wondering how my mom is doing...she's finally home from the hospital! Doing much, much better and resting comfortably in her own bed. We are still waiting on results from the celiac disease test but her colonoscopy checked out fine. She had endoscopy and the findings so far reveal #1 she has a watermelon stomach or GAVE syndrome. #2 her blood pressure medicines were totally wrong. They were counteracting each other. #3 All of the arthritis meds have damaged her stomach.

While she was in the hospital she received 2 pints of blood and at least 2 bags of potassium. She was horribly anemic. That is what was causing the fatigue and inability to breathe. After months of horrible water retention (elephant legs) she received a lot of Lasix and her legs and stomach are now normal. Praise God! Someone finally helped her with that.

I've come to realize now more than ever that doctors are just humans - they make some big mistakes with people. They should not be trusted like they know everything or are perfect. While we won't be pointing any fingers or raising any hell, it is my advice to you to make sure you get second and third opinions when seeking medical help. There are doctors out there who just want to get you in and out and will write prescription after prescription without care or foresight into what drugs work with what and what drugs will actually make you sick. We are lucky that ONE cardiologist noticed that the blood pressure meds she was on in combination with each other were killing her. Try seeing your mom wake up with a BP of 200 over something, seeing her legs ballooned up and knowing that she needed help but no one was helping. They'd just keep putting her on something else. Never knowing what they were doing. (THIS IS ALL MY OPINION) This has gone on for months. She's been tracking her blood pressures for months and sending them into her doctors and they've been seeing her swelling for months NEVER becoming alarmed - just placating her. Pretty sad. Get second and third opinions! Unfortunately all of this micky mouse with Blood Pressure Meds and all the arthritis drugs NSAIDS have pretty much landed her in the hospital. Drugs that are supposed to help her...So sad.

I'll keep you updated on her condition - thank you so much for praying! You are all very special to our family and we know the power of prayer!

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Casey said...

I am glad your mommy is doing better! :)