02 April 2008


I was privileged to have been a sponsor for an amazing young woman who came into the church at Easter Vigil. My journey with her was such a gift, it's so hard to put into words! I watched as she grew more and more in love with the Catholic Church. I watched as our prayers were being answered right before our eyes. Her heart was being opened and softened as the months and days went by. Her questions answered, her fears eased, her doubts dashed. It's a miracle to watch the Holy Spirit in action. Have you ever been a witness to prayers being answered as you sit back and watch? It's powerful. It's faith-building. It's miraculous. It blows you away.

The Vigil was so beautiful, so was she! Her husband so proud, her family beaming...and me, just so humbled and blessed to have been a part of it all! I highly recommend you being a sponsor thru your OCIA/RCIA program at your parish. It's priceless! You won't regret a moment of it!

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